Pre-flight Check

So I’m very excited to say that tomorrow morning I leave for Boston, then Monday evening I fly out to Iceland!! I’d have to say this trip is bittersweet due to some circumstances in my life that were the catalyst for it. I’d like to think that everything happens for a reason and although I may not understand or accept the reasons things happen, I have to believe that one day it will all make sense.

Sometime last year The Secret Life of Walter Mitty came out on video/HBO. I don’t remember if I saw this in theaters or if I rented it because I wasn’t really interested in seeing this movie when it first came out. It seemed so unlike Ben Stiller’s usual movies (which I am a fan on) and it seemed like he was trying too hard to be artsy, so it was a while before I actually watched it. Once I finally I did I was astounded and each subsequent time I still felt the same. The movie had substance, interesting/relatable characters, and it gave me renewed inspiration during an especially devastating time in my life. Walter Mitty is funny, honest, touching, and they could not have picked a better location than Iceland.

The scenery and liberation that Walter experiences made me want to visit Iceland myself. I never wanted to go to Iceland. I never not wanted to go to Iceland. I just never thought of it in general. This movie changed that. One of my favorite quotes from the movie is when Sean Penn’s character is photographing an extremely rare snow leopard and he says to Walter, “Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.” I think this applies to Iceland perfectly. So, I got my Walter Mitty soundtrack ready, I have a sweet backpack to break in, and my passport with pages ready to be stamped. I can’t ask for anything more.

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