New Beginnings

Happy 2016!! I realize I haven’t posted anything since like November but I had a really busy end of year with moving and work stuff. I’m finally starting to feel settled into my new place although I have a lot of little things I want to update. Work wise I’m in the middle of some changes (hopefully) but that has also kept me busy.

I just got back this week from Mexico (!!!) after so many years away. I was scared that it was going to feel different because of all the issues with narcos and drug trafficking and violence. Fortunately things seems to have calmed down, at least compared to how they were a few years ago. I felt safe in Mexico City and in my parent’s hometown I could feel more of the effects of the recent happenings but it still feels like a peaceful town for the most part.

Although my parents are both from Mexico, neither of them have really seen their own country. My goal on this trip was to expose my mom to some of the more important and historical sites in Mexico City rather than going straight to see family and get holed up in our own little world.

Unfortunately the pyramids at Teotihuacan were closed on the day we had planned to go, but we did get to go to Bellas Artes (a performance palace and art museum in one), la Alameda (Mexico City’s oldest park), la Villa (we’ve gone many times but my mom is a hardcore Catholic), and Museo de Frida Kahlo aka La Casa Azul. Besides that we also meandered around some of Mexico City’s most charming and up and coming neighborhoods like Condesa and Roma. If you’ve ever wondered what a Mexican hipster would look like, those are the places where you’ll find them lol.

I’m gonna keep this short for now. Pics and video to come!!

PS, I haven’t forgotten about my Iceland video! That is also a work in progress.

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