Iceland: Day 1

Today was my first day in Iceland and it’s already been adventurous. To start, the flight got in at about 4:45 am local time which made it a little difficult to communicate with our Airbnb host because I was basically disturbing his slumber. We lucked out with him though because he has turned out to be a very considerate host and he bought us some food since he knew we wouldn’t have time to stop at the store first.


After napping for a few hours we decided to get up and explore. Unfortunately two things were working against us. One is the weather which decided to give us rain and powerful winds that I’m most definitely not used to. Two is that we had no cash (ISK currency) to pay for bus fare. This is because everything we read online prior to the trip said that you absolutely don’t need cash as cards are accepted everywhere in Iceland. Apparently it’s everywhere except public transit. We tried buying tickets on the bus station app but couldn’t complete the process due to international texting complications and the fact that their app is prob still in beta. Since we couldn’t get the bus tickets today and have no rental car, we decided to explore locally on foot.

Our host told us about a hiking trial right behind the apartment. We got all bundled up and headed out. I soon realized I might blow away because the winds were pretty strong (I think 38 mph; wind is pretty much non existent in AZ). We struggled at some points to walk since the wind was pushing against us, giving us resistance which made for a good workout. We ignored the wind and proceeded to hike the mountain or at least part of it.


It sounds a little weird but once we got back to the apartment, I was sure my eyes would be swollen like golf balls but this wasn’t the case. The wind strained them a lot which made them feel swollen but they looked normal.

Although the weather forecast looks pretty bleak the entire time we’re here, I’m still looking forward to the rest of the activities we have planned. So far I’ve learned I can’t wear my hair down in this wind or it ends up knotted like crazy, but I did figure out how to layer clothes and this time around I’m quite comfortable and not freezing to death like I was in Europe. Now to figure out how to walk in this crazy Icelandic wind!

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