Pre-flight Check

So I’m very excited to say that tomorrow morning I leave for Boston, then Monday evening I fly out to Iceland!! I’d have to say this trip is bittersweet due to some circumstances in my life that were the catalyst for it. I’d like to think that everything happens for a reason and although I may not understand or accept the reasons things happen, I have to believe that one day it will all make sense. Continue reading →

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Mexico Photo Series

As I mentioned in my About Me, my family is from Mexico and I’ve had the fortune to travel to a few different places there. Mexico is a beautiful country that has so much culture and beauty to offer, despite all the stereotypical notions we see in media. I’ve always taken tons of photos whenever I travel but back in 2007 when I was actually studying abroad and living there, there was no Instagram lol! So I’ve decided to start posting past pictures in a Mexico Photo Series on my Instagram account. Each photo brings different memories and emotions and has a little story behind it. I would love for anyone interested in traveling and/or Mexico to check them out! I’ll also be tagging those photos with #bgmex, sharing is encouraged so feel free to use that hashtag to tag your own Mexico travel photos!

I do hope to visit again this  year and it’s in my plans since I haven’t been back since my time abroad there. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to go to Chiapas which has always sounded incredible. What has been, as Anthony Bourdain put it :), your favorite place to visit in our brother from another mother?

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