Milan is a beautiful city albeit probably not as popular as Rome or Venice. This charming city has a lot to offer but here are some things that can make your stay a little smoother.

– Give yourself plenty of time. The train system is a little trickier here than in other places I visited and it was where we had the most trouble. There are multiple train platforms and although there are schedules posted along the train station, they show one time while the actual time and platform that a train is stopping is actually totally different. At one point we changed platforms 3 times and the third time was only because I happened to double check the tv monitor (it was the only monitor working) and realized that out train was 5 mins away and we were on the wrong side! So, make sure you have lots of time to figure out where you need to get on or to get help from someone. I would even advise being there early enough that it wont be a big deal for you if you do happen to miss your train. Seriously, it was a miracle we made it onto ours.


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